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Hey there, UltimateAzeroth here. It's been a while, I know, over a year now? Well, I won't give excuses, I'll just say this, I have a new drawing ready to be scanned soon, hopefully now that I'm back in my normal groove the art will, well, it will be a flowing like a trickle. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because, I've heard that there is the possibility of Creepypastas being banned. Now now I know what you're thinking, you're either thinking "Oh, I love creepypastas!", "Creepypastas? What's so scary about spaghetti?", or "Oh, I don't like Creepypastas." Well, whatever category you fall under, it's your opinion or lack of one. I myself am a fan of Creepypastas, I like Laughing Jack, Slenderman, Hide and Seek All By Yourself, those creepypastas. All of you who know my last Journal, "The Game", is my scariest thing I've ever done. I based it off the text adventure creepypasta Pale Luna. I ask you, my friends to help us keep creepypastas alive.

I have a message for the creepypasta fan's. Please read this all, and if you're the 12 year olds who nearly killed their friend this is what you have done. The seer will fade along with creepypasta. who here still believes in Creepypasta . . . They're fading away . . . 
Jeff: Help, we're fading away! 
Slenderman: Those girls are giving us a bad name. 
Masky: Yeah, I-I still have s-some ch-cheesecake . . . 
Hoodie: P-Please H-Help U-Us . . . 
Toby: Please d-don't forget u-us . . . *Twitch* 
Eyeless Jack: Please . . . Think about Sally. 
Sally: Please, Miss or Mister! I don't want to be forgotten . . . 
Laughing Jack: Please, *Sobs* I'm not laughing now . . . *Sobs*. 
Remember us, . . . please? 
Ben: I still have to beat Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall! I won't beat it without you! D: 
Zalgo: I promise that I won't kill you in your sleep if you repost this . . . 
The Rake: I won't kill you, either.
Please Repost This. Because of the twelve year old girls almost killing their friend because of Slenderman, they have given the Creepypastas a bad a name. Every five seconds, a Creepypasta fan turns against Creepypastas. Please. Think about Sally. Repost this with hashtag, #weloveyoucreepypasta . ~Repost

In honor of BEN, name all your gaming files as his name. 
In honor of Jeff, always smile no matter what happens. 
In honor of Slenderman, remember that everything is not what it seems. 
In honor of Masky and Hoodie, be nice to the shy kids. 
In honor of LJ, take nothing serious and laugh alot. 
In honor of EJ, be yourself, no matter how strange you are. 
In honor of Dark Link, embrace your dark side. 
In honor of Jane, fight for whats right. 
In honor of Sally, remember that you never grow up and you always have a child inside. 
In honor of Toby, always love your family members. 
In honor of Dr. Smiley, always help friends find happiness and freedom.

Normal girls want to marry Princes, we want to marry Killers
Normal girls play Dress up, we Cosplay
Normal girls eat Ice cream when depressed, we eat Cheesecake 
Normal girls wouldn't ever Go into the woods at night, we go searching for Slenderman
Normal girls freak out over a broken nail, we freak out over a broken knife 
Normal girls wear Bows, we wear Beanies
Normal girls say weird, we say cool 
Normal girls ask why did you do that?, we say you shouldn't have done that
Normal girls say go to hell, we say GO.TO.SLEEP. 
Normal girls say Link, we say BEN Drowned
Normal girls think Jeff is ugly, we think he is Beautiful 
Normal girls say Cannibal, we say Eyeless Jack
Normal girls say go die in a hole, we say you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?
Normal girls fan girl over band boys, we fan girl over Psycho Killers 
Repost if you love Creepypasta put this on your profile if you're a true fan girl.

Apparently there have been 2 stabbings surrounding Creepypasta's!! If you repost this on your page, it shows how much people care about Creepypasta's!! And even if you like them, you wouldn't hurt anybody in your life!! p(unless you were attacked) please don't get CreepyPastas banned from the U.S... If this keeps up! They will ban Creepypasta's from all 7 contents in the earth!!

If you are a fan of creepypastas, then I bed you to copy this, and post it everywhere. If you're not a fan, well, I'm sorry for wasting your time, however, if you could be kind as to at least post this somewhere, only once, what would be very beneficial. If you are not yet aware of creepypastas, I suggest going to… as this channel has rather good narration of some rather well written creepypastas, and learn about this wonderful thing yourself. If you like it great, please repost the message, if not. Well, at least you know of it.

-Ultimate Azeroth


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Ryu Relampago
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I'm a PokeFan!
I love drawing, got a problem with my drawings? Advance towards me brotheren!
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I can draw anything you want me to as long as its within reason
I'm 16
I play Adventure Quests Worlds

Look me up I'm Gormitch :D

My (Unofficial) Theme song is "Enter The Psycho"
I'm really a sweet person underneath the hate I have

My one and only desire is to protect eveyone I love, no matter the cost
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